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Believe Health was created by individuals with deep experience in innovation and healthcare. Frustrated by their own experiences, they set out to transform the healthcare experience equally blending doctor and patient needs with practical business sensibilities. Read more

Believe you can have more control over your care.

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In a world that offers access to so many things through your smart phone why not have the ability to text, message or video YOUR doctor when you need it most?

The more they explored the patient journey, the more they learned that the factors causing the most dissatisfaction with healthcare had nothing to do with the actual treatment or procedure. It had everything to do with wasted time and perceived lack of attention throughout the process. Our question, became how can we solve for this in a way that serves doctors and patients particularly in light of the new technologies available.

We are committed to providing more than just the technology to connect patients with caregivers. We strive to offer the best customer service, patient education and overall healthcare experience that you and your family can truly depend on.

Believe you can have greater access to caregivers and their teams.

Believe you can have more control over your care.


Believe you can be happier in your care experiences.

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